A Christmas Message

2020 has certainly been a challenging year and I would like to thank all our staff who have done an incredible job since March. They have adapted to a variety of working conditions, remaining professional throughout, and have continued to deliver excellent customer service. 

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Should I put my life insurance in trust?

A trust is a legal entity and by placing a life policy in trust, it has many benefits. The proceeds of the life insurance policy will bypass the deceased’s estate and as such beneficiaries will receive the money quicker and without any inheritance tax implications. It also gives the policyholder greater control over who receives the assets. 

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Why use a mortgage broker?

You might ask what do they do that you can’t? Why should you pay for their services when you could do it yourself for free?

There are many costs when you move home or remortgage, a mortgage broker should be considered a part of the overall process. Don’t be put off by the fee and be tempted to go it alone.

Mortgage advice from a broker is an invaluable service.

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How long are lenders taking to process mortgage applications?

Once your mortgage application has been submitted, the lender starts the assessment process. You will need to provide various documents and there may be several conversations and requests before you hear whether the application has been accepted. Your broker will be liaising with the underwriter at every stage and keep you updated of developments when they occur.

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Understanding the Help to Buy Equity Loan Extension

Help to Buy has assisted many buyers to secure a new build home since it was launched in 2013. However, the scheme is due to change significantly. The current scheme will close to new applications on 15th December so buyers hoping to use it are running out of time. 

Both developers and purchasers who are using the current scheme will be aware of two key dates; a physical completion date for developers of 28th February 2021 and legal completion for buyers of 31 March 2021. 

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Should I change my insurance?

Is it insurance or is it personal protection? Honestly, they are one and the same. Both are designed to give you and your family security and peace of mind should the worst happen.

With recent events and considering how the world is changing rapidly, it would be no surprise if your personal and financial circumstances have changed.

Therefore if you haven’t already, it is vital that you review all aspects of your finances and that includes reviewing your protection insurance, to make sure your policy provides adequate cover for your changing needs.

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What happens when your mortgage payment holiday ends?

New guidance has been issued to lenders about how they should support borrowers coming to the end of their agreed pause in payments.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has said mortgage borrowers will still receive help from lenders if they continue to face payment difficulties due to coronavirus.

The regulator wants to make sure that you will continue to get the support you need if you still face financial difficulties at the end of your payment holiday.

Under current guidance, payment holidays are set to end on 31st October 2020.

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Choice Mortgages have provided me with a fantastic consultative service for over 10 years. I've had absolute peace of mind that everything related to my mortgage, home insurance, life insurance and critical illness insurance has been in hand. Nicki and the team have always given me informed guidance and I've had every confidence in their recommendations and products. A first-class service that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

A first-class service that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

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